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Help Us Survey for Snakes


There are large gaps in our knowledge of the location and range, population, habitat requirements, ecology, and threats for snakes. For example, less than half of all snake species have had their conservation status assessed by scientists. The CSC will partner with other non-profit organizations and many others to create a global inventory of the location, population size and stability of snake species that allows the CSC and others to set increasingly objective priorities for protecting snake species. The CSC and its partners will also help expand educational efforts to increase awareness of the conservation concerns of snakes.


Private Land Surveys

Are you a private landowner interested in what snakes occur on your property? If so, contact us and we will prepare a species list for your property and survey it for snakes.

Florida Rough Greensnake - Josh Young.jpg

Public Land Surveys

We provide a low cost and sometimes no cost survey service for public lands. Our survey efforts help public land managers meet their conservation goals and provide information regarding rare or endangered species on our public lands. This directly affects the management and habitat enhancement projects across the world

Puff Adder - Xavier Glaudas.jpg

International Surveys

Very little is known about snakes in many parts of the world. The Center for Snake Conservation travels across the globe partnering with local non-profit and conservation groups to conduct snake inventories. Our goal is to document the planet's snake biodiversity and increase our knowledge of snakes in hard to reach places.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next survey event!

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