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Celebrate Earth Day by making a Gift today!

Snakes are critical to healthy ecosystems and a healthy earth.  Unfortunately the media and human perceptions have made their conservation very difficult.  By making a donation today you can help us:

  1. Reach more people with our education programs that change human perceptions about snakes and make conservation a priority

  2. Support our citizen science projects such as the upcoming May Snake Count

  3. Identify habitats critical for snakes in order to ensure their lasting protection

The Center for Snake Conservation is a leading advocacy group for snakes and their conservation.  Our mission to change human perceptions about snakes is an integral part of our educational, citizen science, and conservation programs.  We are a member-based organizations with members all over the world promoting and living our mission.  Please donate securely through our PayPal account by clicking a desired donation amount below: 

Conservation Through Education

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