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Happy Rattlesnake Friday!

Happy Rattlesnake Friday!

We haven't posted in a long time but we love that Rattlesnake Friday has grown across multiple social media platforms with many individuals and other groups participating. Can we grow it more? Yes but we need your help. Please share this photo with a positive message about rattlesnakes to help promote our philosophy of Conservation Through Education.

Today's positive message about rattlesnakes is that despite popular belief, they prefer to be left alone and will retreat if given a way out. Remember that the next time someone tells you that they were chased by a rattlesnake (or any snake for that matter) because we know that just isn't true.

This Prairie Rattlesnake was safely videoed from 5 feet away without the snake ever once striking or acting aggressive. This "defensive" display is simply the snake's way of announcing its presence so it doesn't get stepped on and hurt. You can see the video in 4K resolution on our YouTube Channel below:

Conservation Through Education

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